Come and meet us at the following events!
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3 - 5 March 

Exhibition | futurebuild

Futurebuild brings together 27,000 industry influencers and shapers to drive real change. A world class knowledge programme alongside an immersive exhibition of 450 innovative and inspiring brands and a host of networking events will combine to create an unmissable experience.

North Hall - ExCeL London
One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL
United Kingdom

1 April

Exhibition | 6th BOKU Sustainability Day

Motto: Images and stories that move the world - Nowadays, we are confronted with new, dramatic images of destroyed environments or social crises almost daily. But what do crisis-like images and stories trigger in us? Do they move us to change our habits or do they rather fuel fear and resignation? And how do we feel about positive visions of the future - can they motivate us to work together to change social values?
This event will address these questions and will also try to create images and narratives that help in taking the next steps towards a sustainable future. OeAD student housing will be there too!


BOKU University
Campus "Türkenschanze"
Franz-Schwackhöfer-Haus & Wilhelm-Exner-Haus
1190 Vienna

25 April

14:00 - 19:00

Event | wörthersee passathon 2020

The wörthersee passathon takes place in the context of the campaign "Wörthersee car-free". This is an ideal weekend for all cycling and skating enthusiasts. 


Start of the tour at:
Landhaus Hof
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

29 May - 1 June

Conference | Degrowth Vienna 2020

The conference will consider the role of strategy for a degrowth transformation and give room for exchanging, reflecting and developing strategies with scholars, practitioners, artists and activists. It will complement the International Degrowth Conference in Manchester in September 2020.
By bringing together practitioners, artists, activists, civil society actors and scientists, we want to integrate different kinds of existing expertise and elaborate promising approaches to transforming the economy in a socially just and ecologically viable way. The conference will have a participatory design, including a thorough documentation process that will generate concrete outcomes for the degrowth movement and research society.


University of Vienna
Campus “Altes AKH”
Spitalgasse 2
1090 Vienna

19 June

20:30 Warm-up
21:00 Start

Event | vienna passathon 2020

2019 saw the successful world premiere of the passathon with 2,000 participants, and Vienna won the regional competition. In 2020, the bar must be raised and the previous year must be eclipsed. This event is held as a tour with bike and skates to passive and plus-energy buildings in Vienna. The route leads not only to individual buildings but also to entire highly energy-efficient quarters. 
OeAD student housing is represented with 6 of its passive house objects :)



Start of the tour at:
1010 Vienna