General Terms and Conditions

This document states the General Terms and Conditions of INEX-Verein zur Förderung von Bildungschancen (hereinafter referred to as “INEX“ or “International Network for Educational Exchange“), a non-profit association registered in Vienna, Austria (ZVR Zahl 772782111). The Terms and Conditions as outlined below will remain valid until publication of a new version and supersede any other published policies pertaining to these terms.


General Policies


INEX works with Sending Institutions regarding the collection of applications and sending students to INEX programs. The Sending Institution is confirmed the right to rank the applications according to its academic standards. The nomination of students is effectuated by INEX staff by carefully evaluating their credentials and admission standards. Selection for most INEX programs is done after the referring application deadline or within a predetermined time span after application. The nomination mode used is determined in the referring application details section of the INEX website.
INEX reserves the right to reject an applicant for any reason. INEX encourages students to apply as early as possible to ensure a spot in their desired program as well as in order to have enough time to prepare for the trip (including finding a suitable flight to the location of the program). In cases where INEX receives qualified applications in excess of capacity, INEX will create a waitlist of applicants and propose participation in another upcoming program. Incomplete applications will usually not be considered. In waitlist situations, INEX favors applicants from INEX partner institutions who have an outstanding personal essay, grade report, and supportive evaluations.
INEX does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, national and ethnic origin, or disability. After selection INEX informs all applicants whether they have been accepted for a program or not. In case of such a nomination of an applicant, he or she receives a notice in writing (normally as email, printed letters are generally not sent out) stating that he/she has been nominated. Nominations are usually sent out by INEX until two weeks after the application deadline of a program or within one week after the individual application depending on the nomination mode used in the specific program. The INEX Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy (see below) applies from the moment of submitting the Online Application. In case that, for any reason, NO online application is submitted by the student, the INEX Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy applies from the moment of submission of any other form of application documents (e.g. handing in printed documents at the international office of the home institution, emailing application documents to INEX, etc). In case a student has been nominated for the stated program preference but cannot attend, a written deferral request (preferably per email) has to be received by the INEX Head of Program Development at least 30 days before beginning of the program to which the students has been accepted for. The student can then communicate a second Program preference in which INEX staff will try to accommodate the student. If the student cannot be placed in another INEX program, the student has to withdraw from the program. In any case the INEX Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy applies.

Late Arrival to a Program

Students are expected to be present from the first day of the program. Starting and ending date of a program can be viewed in the program-related section at the INEX website ( In extremely rare cases, there may be valid reasons for a student to arrive late. Permission for such arrangements can only be granted by the INEX Head of Program Development and only upon receipt of a written request from the appropriate officer at the student’s home institution. In no case are such arrangements authorized by any other parties.

Early Departure

All students are required to remain at the program location until the final program date (published on the INEX website), and to complete and turn in all academic work, including examinations and papers, prior to departure. Any student who leaves prior to the end of the program, or who fails to complete and turn in all required academic work, risks receiving a failing grade in all of his or her courses.
The INEX Executive Program Manager will only consider a student’s petition for early departure if it is based on a serious medical emergency involving the student him/herself, or on an emergency involving one or more close family members. Executive Program Managers can only very rarely grant exceptions to this policy, and then only for truly extraordinary reasons.

Program Cancellation

If an emergency requires a program to be canceled after its starting but prior to the originally scheduled end of the program, INEX will make every reasonable effort to make alternative arrangements in order to allow students to complete their academic work. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, INEX will make every reasonable effort to collect documentation of student work completed to date. INEX will share this information with the home institutions of students enrolled in the program so they will be able to decide whether to grant their students full or partial credit for work completed.


During the program, any student who feels there is a justification to request an exception to any INEX policy should address the request in writing to the Head of Program Development. Individual instructors are not authorized to grant exceptions to academic policies. The Executive Program Manager may recommend that an exception be granted, in which case the Head of Program Development makes the decision.

Drugs and Alcohol Violations

Penalties for drug violations in many host countries are often harsher than in the home country of a student. Use of illegal drugs can result in expulsion from the program, as well as possible criminal prosecution. Remember that students traveling abroad are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting – their own country’s laws do not protect them. The home governments can only seek to ensure that their citizens are not discriminated against, that is, that they receive the same treatment as citizens of the country in which they are arrested who are charged with the same offense.

Alcohol Policy

Students are subject to the laws of the host country and any policies and regulations of the host university. Alcohol abuse by students is viewed by INEX as a serious violation of the terms of participation and will be treated accordingly. There are degrees of abuse, as follows:
Consumption of alcohol that causes a student to miss class or be unable to participate fully in a classroom activity is considered alcohol abuse. At first instance, a warning will follow. If there is a second instance, the student’s home institution and parents may be notified, and counseling may be required. Repeated instances may result in suspension or expulsion from the program, or a recommendation of reduced or no credit. Consumption of alcoholic beverages that results in loud, disruptive, or offensive behavior according to local norms, is more serious. Any infraction will result in a warning and notification of the home institution. A second instance may, at the discretion of the Executive Program Manager, result in immediate expulsion from the program. Consumption of alcoholic beverages which results in any of the following is the most serious degree of alcohol abuse:
• Loss of consciousness or vomiting
• Destruction of property or abusive behavior
• Endangerment of self or of others
• Admission to a hospital or emergency room
• Treatment for alcohol poisoning
• Incarceration
Any instance of these circumstances or other circumstances of equivalent severity may, at the discretion of the Executive Program Manager, result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Dismissal from the Program

Participants are expected to comply with regulations established by INEX, their home universities and the host institution. Resident staff may establish additional requirements that are essential to the students’ achievement of their educational goals or to continuing good relations with the Host University or community. Resident staff may dismiss from the program any student who does not comply with the relevant regulations and requirements. The Local Program Manager or the Executive Program Manager warns participants if they are not acting in compliance with program regulations. Participants are expected to take responsibility for changing their behavior or risk early dismissal and consequent loss of time, money, and academic credit. INEX will not grant participation fee refunds to students who are dismissed from their programs.


Program participants are governed by three sets of policies:
• Policies set by INEX for INEX programs.
• Policies set by the host institution.
• Policies set by the student’s home institution.
In the case of conflict among these three sets of policies, the more stringent policy shall apply in every case, except where otherwise stated in the materials that follow. In most cases, the home institution grants students credit following their successful completion of coursework abroad. Nomination of students is generally done by INEX. It is the sole responsibility of the student to become familiar with all policies and with any more demanding policies that may be imposed by his/her home institution. It is also the sole responsibility of the student to obtain complete information concerning how academic work completed overseas is assessed by the home institution, and how credit is counted towards the student’s degree program.

Course Loads, Credits, Equivalencies, and Grades

Students on INEX academic programs are required to take a full course load as offered by each program. INEX evaluates course offerings at host institutions, on a case-by-case basis, that report the workload of courses usually on a basis other than the ECTS system. Final authority for the published credit equivalency rests with the INEX Head of Program Development. Final authority for awarding of credit to an individual student rests with the appropriate authority at the student’s home institution.
In general, a block of fifteen 45-minute sessions is equivalent to one semester hour of credit. ECTS credit points take the complete required time for completion of the course (also described ad work load) into consideration. Usually, 2 to 4 ECTS points are equivalent to the course load of a two-semester-hour course taken at an INEX program but depend on the specific course offered and completed by a student. The student, with his/her home institution, must negotiate credit for internship activities and independent study projects. Grades are awarded for student performance using a U.S. system of letter grades, a host-country system of letters, numbers, and/or descriptors, or a combination of these methods. INEX or the host institution provides a suggested U.S. letter grade if requested by a participant. Determination of the final grade based on the documentation provided by INEX is at the discretion of the student’s home institution. The student’s home institution may or may not post grades earned overseas to the student’s transcript.

Grade Transcripts for Academic Courses

All students of INEX academic programs receive an official grade transcript of the receiving university upon completion of the academic course program. Grade transcripts are sent, along with other supporting documentation from the host institution (when available), to the home institution of the participant or the INEX office in Austria, and then forwarded to the participant. The grade transcript usually lists the student’s name, name and dates of the program attended, each course studied, hours of instruction, grade given and a grade conversion chart. Normally the transcripts also bear additional information for easier accreditation of the courses at the home university of INEX students.
Students typically receive grade transcripts from INEX approximately four to ten weeks after the program ending date. Grade transcripts are not released when participants have outstanding financial obligations to INEX or to the program site, or have not fulfilled all program parts. Students interested in learning what grades they earned, after the end of their programs abroad, must request this information from their home institutions, or can send a request in writing to the Executive Program Manager.
In case participants require copies of the grade report, requests must be made to the INEX Head of Program Development in writing. The INEX Head of Program Development and the Head of International Relations are the only people who are authorized to release student’s final grades.

Course Work

All course work MUST be turned in directly to the lecturer unless the student has received other explicit, documented instructions to the contrary. Students are required to keep hard copies of all of their assignments (every major paper or take home examination) until after their grades have been reported to their home institutions – electronic copies can only be used to supplement the hard copy versions of the work. Individual professors do not have the final authority to extend deadlines, make special arrangements for students, or otherwise modify the INEX academic policies. Any special arrangements tentatively proposed by professors must be submitted to the Executive Program Manager on site for review and final approval. It is each student’s responsibility to understand all local regulations governing completion of work and departure from the program site. If you are not sure…ASK! The INEX Head of Program Development is the only person authorized to approve exceptions to these policies.


Class attendance is required throughout the program. Students may not arrive late to, or leave early from, the academic program. Students may be excused from class only with the permission of the Executive Program Manager. Students who miss class for medical reasons must inform the Executive Program Manager. Students who do not attend all classes regularly will receive a warning. Continued absence may lead to dismissal from the program. Students are not permitted to travel away from the program site while classes are in session. Weekend travel or travel on days without academic program is permitted but has to be agreed upon with the Executive Program Manager.

Withdrawal from a Course

Students can withdraw from courses without penalty. In this case either no grade, or a negative/failed grade, is given to the student and no credits will be issued. No refunds will be given for not attended courses.

Academic Honesty

INEX requires that students exhibit the highest standards regarding academic honesty. Usually two important principles are considered when defining and demanding academic honesty. These are both related to the fundamental tenet that one should not present the work of another person as one’s own.
The first principle is that final examinations, quizzes and other tests must be done without assistance from another person, without looking at or otherwise consulting the work of another person, and without access to notes, books, or other pertinent information (unless the professor has explicitly announced that a particular test is to be taken on an “open book” basis).
The second principle is that any use of the work of another person must be documented in any written papers, oral presentations, or other assignments carried out in connection with a course. You do not need to document facts that can be considered general knowledge. The general rule is that if you have to look something up, or if you learned it recently either by reading or hearing something, you have to document it. A third principle that applies specifically to course work is that the same written paper may not be submitted in two classes. Nor may a paper for which you have already received credit at the home university be submitted to satisfy a paper requirement while studying overseas.


During the program, any student appeal related to INEX academic policies should be addressed to the Head of Program Development. Any appeal of a policy or decision taken by the student’s home institution must be addressed directly to authorities at the home institution. An appeal arising after the conclusion of the program should be addressed to the INEX Head of Program Development. The Head of Program Development, after consulting with the student’s home institution, adjudicates appeals and approves these determinations. The Head of Program Development may, at his/her sole discretion, convene an appeal board to consider a particular case. If a student believes the grade reported for a specific course is either in error or unfair, the student must initiate an inquiry or appeal by sending an email to the Executive Program Manager. Participants have six months from when grades are forwarded to their home institution to file an appeal.

Participation Fees and Payment Policies

Participation fees

INEX publishes participation fees for each program in the program section of the INEX website ( Participation fees are published as soon as they are available, which is usually at least two months prior to the end of the application period.

Payment of INEX Participation Fees

Participants are billed after nomination to an INEX program. Through nominating students, INEX accepts an applicant for the INEX program of his/her preference. Students do not need to confirm nomination. The complete participation fee is due from the date of nomination. The INEX Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy (outlined below) applies. Nomination notifications are sent directly to the students’ email address (as indicated on the application form). When transferring the amount due, the student has to cover all bank charges that may apply (or otherwise subsequently pay them on site to INEX staff on site).

Due Dates

Participants are responsible for maintaining their own accounts. If a parent or other designee will be managing payment of fees on behalf of the participant, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all invoices and other billing information are forwarded appropriately. The participation fee must be paid in full within one week after nomination and payment confirmation should be submitted. After nomination further information is collected upon the students personal details to accommodate her/his needs during the program. The due dates herefore are communicated accordingly.

Exclusion from Participation

Any participant who fails to pay in full until 30 days prior to the advertised arrival date may be subject to exclusion from participation at the discretion of INEX. Notification of exclusion for non-payment may also be delivered at any time during the program, but students will receive a late payment notification before any action to exclude is taken.

Late Fees and Interest

Any participant who fails to have the participation fee transferred to INEX in full until 30 days prior to the start of a program will be charged a Euro 100 late fee and is required to immediately submit payment for all remaining fees in full. Grades will not be transmitted for any student for whom an unpaid balance remains. Returned transfers and declined credit card payments will be considered as failure to make the payment.

Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy

Withdrawal before the advertised program starting date
Generally the Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy does not depend on or change due to the reasons for the request. If written notification of withdrawal or deferral of an applicant is received by INEX prior to the student being nominated for a program, no fees will have to be paid by the applying student. If the student does NOT get accepted and NOT gets nominated by INEX, the student can withdraw his/her application at no cost for the student. If the student gets accepted and nominated by INEX, he/she can withdraw his/her application but is subject to the terms stated below (withdrawal after nomination). If written notification of withdrawal or deferral of a student is received by INEX after nomination, 80% of the participation fee will be refunded, while the student has to cover all banking charges. The remaining 20% of the participation fee will not be refunded by INEX. In cases where payment has not yet been received by INEX, 20% of the participation fee is due and has to be paid until the advertised starting date of the program at the latest. This also applies in any case when the student has been nominated, even if a student has submitted an application (online or by handing in application documents) and does not show up for the program or fails to hand in further documents. Requests for program deferral to a different program are only accepted until 30 days prior to the advertised start of the program. In the case of deferral for a nominated participant (if request is received after the application deadline or nomination trough INEX), 20% of the participation fee must be paid for that term, but may be applied towards future participation on this or another INEX academic program within the next 12 months.
Withdrawal on or after the advertised program starting date
If written notification of withdrawal for a nominated participant is received by INEX on or after the advertised program starting date, the following refund policy applies:
• Withdrawal on or up to one day after the advertised program start – 50% refund
• Withdrawal at any time after this – full amount due, no refund
This policy applies no matter if the student attends the first days of the program or not. Withdrawals always have to be presented in writing either to the Executive Program Manager of the program or the Head of Program Development.
Programs Types
The Withdrawal or Deferral Refund Policy applies for all types of INEX programs.
Program Cancellation
INEX reserves the right to cancel an INEX program due to insufficient enrollment or other factors beyond its control. In case of program cancellation, participants are provided with alternative program options or are given the option to defer participation to another term. If the student does not opt for an alternative program or a deferral, INEX refunds the complete participation fee paid until that point by a student. Additional fees (eg for bank transfers or late fees) and other costs (eg for insurance taken, flights booked or any other objects/services) will not be refunded by INEX.


1. In the case of a refund, the refund is automatically sent to the billed party except in some circumstances involving financial aid, unless the participant notifies INEX otherwise.
2. Cancellations and deferrals are effective only upon the date written notification is received by INEX. Students must also notify their home institution directly if they plan to cancel, withdraw, or defer. Questions regarding home institution policies should be directed to the home institution, not to INEX. Home institutions’ payment policies are separate from INEX’ payment policies, and students will be held to both sets of policies.
3. The 20% of the participation fee are non-refundable.
4. The program starting date is the advertised arrival date, which usually coincides with the first day of orientation for each term.
5. INEX withholds final grades when participants have outstanding financial obligations to INEX or the program site.
Please direct all questions regarding participant accounts to the Head of Program Development via e-mail.

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