Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University is a non-profit project, therefore we try to keep the costs for participants as low as possible. To enable students, who need financial assistance to participate, we continue to look for financial support.

If you would like to receive more information about the G.B.S. or if you are interested in contribute to the program, please find more information here. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at

“We would like to express our extraordinary gratitude to our new and continuing supporters, with special thanks to those, who have been with us for several years!”

ABOUT STO-Foundation

Under the motto "Fostering knowledge," the Sto Foundation seeks to shape the future through education.  The overarching purpose of the Sto Foundation picks up on the Sto SE & Co. KGaA's guiding principle "Building with Conscience" and raises awareness for the importance of designing an environment and human-friendly living spaces. Since its founding in 2005, the non-profit foundation has been fostering the next generation of construction industry personnel – future painters and plasterers, aspiring architects, interior designers and building designers.  €600,000 is available annually for scholarships, workshops, seminars, and lecture events. Over the past decade, more than €3.5 million was made available for more than 140 projects that benefit the construction industry's next generation. The two funding areas – architecture and building trades – are treated equally.  Many young craftsmen are successfully progressing up the Sto Foundation's educational pyramid, from an apprenticeship to a university degree; or continue their education and training in one of the international exchange programs or practice-oriented projects often while engaged in dialogues with architects from all over the world.Architecture, interior design, and building industry students have to prove in international summer schools that they can transfer their knowledge to real-life situations. They are devoted to sustainable design and building, and are working in the field together with volunteers from different cultures.These students find out first-hand how their role models think and work from representatives of world-famous architecture offices.  As part of the "November Lectures", leading architects present highly interesting expert lectures to an audience of thousands at six locations in Europe.Find additional information on the Sto Foundation at

Knowledge and responsibility

"Helplessness" and "uncertainty" are words that come to mind when thinking about the hostile events that have affected and moved so many people lately. But we must also keep in mind the words "responsibility" and "optimism" in order to meet societal, economic and environmental challenges.We believe that the Sto Foundation's responsibility is to sensitise people even more to responsibly handle resources.  In any case, that means promoting sustainable and energetically practical construction.  Our role in this process is to prepare the next generation for future construction challenges – both on a professional and a human Level.The best way to achieve that goal is by passing on expertise, sharing experiences and making people aware of their responsibility.  Our efforts are based on exchanging ideas and experiences across disciplines and borders. The "November Lectures" are part of that exchange.  Representatives of renowned architecture offices provide insights into their design philosophies.

We are excited to have found a new partner – the TU Prague. With “Architects of Israel”, even the first series had a very special motto.  In 2016, the November Lectures in Prague were titled “Danish Architects” – and we at the Sto Foundation believe that was an excellent choice in light of the architectural innovations originating in Scandinavia.  With great joy, I once again mingled with the young audience. Uwe Koos, Chairman of the Foundation's Board


About the Viennese Housing Research Division

The Viennese Housing Research Division is located in the Municipal Department MA 50. Its agenda includes the medium-term estimation of housing demand, needs-orientated development of Vienna’s housing and networking with international committees. Viennese housing research underpins Vienna’s idea of an innovative and affordable housing market that reacts to current social changes and develops new solutions. It provides the research for this, and supports housing policy as well as the public with expertise in this challenging task.

The leading research questions in ecological sustainability are, How can housing and urban renewal policies contribute to climate resilience? Which developments are to be expected in the fields of ecology, civil engineering, energy and building technologies?


The "Heimbau" is a limited-profit housing association . It is constituted as a cooperative having its office in Vienna.

The development and construction of housing projects , mostly subsidized rental dwellings, and the management of the dwellings are the main activities of the "Heimbau". Sustainability is very important for the "Heimbau"; e.g. this can be seen in the realization of low-energy houses and passive houses.

ABOUT 10Hoch4

With a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system from 10hoch4 Energiesysteme GmbH, you increase your profitability and provide a credible indication that your company is a real concern to the environment. Your company will thus become a reference project for sustainability.


aspern Die Seestadt Wiens is one of Europe’s biggest urban development projects. It is firmly rooted in the tradition-steeped metropolis Vienna and yet grows far ahead into the future. As an urban, vibrant centre, it will add to the high quality of life typical of the Austrian capital. aspern Seestadt is a sustainable development, and the ideal location for enterprises looking to co-shape the new urban hub. The primary target group includes companies active in sustainable industries such as e.g. healthcare, sports and fitness, medicine and wellness, green technologies, the leisure sector and outdoor tourism, as well as life sciences and the ecological and organic sectors.



Ennstal Group is a non-profit housing company established in 1947, consisting of parent company SG Ennstal in Liezen (Styria), ENW in Graz (Styria), Gewog Ranshofen (Upper austria), Vorstäditsche Kleinsiedlung Klagenfurt (Carinthia), Kärntner Friedenswerk in Klagenfurt (Carinthia) and SG Elin in Weiz (Styria).

Members of Ennstal Group are public utility companies which specialise in property management and social-housing with accounting, maintenance, technical services,… etc. for approximatly 30.000 apartments.

Ennstal Group companies carry out property development for state-subsidized housing and refurbishing including planning and financing (invest up to 500 new apartments per year) and also for public buildings (event halls, city halls,…) and social facilities (residential care homes, nursing homes,…).

Ennstal Group focuses on innovative multi storey apartment buildings and some members are Partner of the Austrian Climate Initiative „klimaaktiv“ for sustainability and use of renewable energies in multi-storey-apartment-buildings. Many Projects of Ennstal Group got awards for architecture and sustainability and members participate in research and development projects (timber construction, renewable energies,…).

The Headquarter of the Ennstal Group is in Styria, and its address is Siedlungsstrasse 2 in Liezen. The Ennstal Group employs approximately 180 persons.



MIGRA Gemeinnützige Wohnungsges.m.b.H. was founded in 1951 and has been based in Vienna since 1984. The focus of MIGRA lies on the construction of subsidized flats and subsidized furnished dormitory apartments in Vienna. With the creation of affordable housing, MIGRA is making an important contribution to keep rents in the growing federal capital of Vienna affordable in the future. With great commitment MIGRA is pursuing the construction of flats and dormitory apartments, providing people in Vienna with inexpensive living that offers high quality at the same time.

In addition to affordable living space, MIGRA is committed to ecological and sustainable construction and regularly builds pioneering residential projects. The residential home in Molkereistrasse recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. At the time of its completion, it was the largest passive house in Europe. In the Seestadt Aspern the two projects "Seestern" and "Vierplus" were awarded by the “Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen” (ÖGNB) and klimaaktiv.

The MIGRA will continue to keep its focus on the ecological, economic and sustainable development of Vienna.

About ÖGNI

The ÖGNI - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft, is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) for the establishment of sustainability in the construction and real estate sector. The aim of the ÖGNI is to demonstrate the added value of building certifications in order to create environmentally and resource-friendly buildings with high economic and social efficiency, which can be used flexibly over generations and have a positive effect on the health, well-being and performance of users.

ÖGNI was founded in 2009 and is a cooperation partner of the DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft), whose certification system has been adopted, adapted to Austria and has been continuously further developed ever since. ÖGNI is the only Austrian council to be an established member of the WorldGBC (World Green Building Councils) and strives to strengthen the European quality certificate at international level.




PORR. Success through intelligent growth.  With currently more than 16,000 staff members and production output of around EUR 3.9bn (as of year-end 2016), PORR is one of the largest Austrian construction companies and one of Europe’s leading infrastructure specialists. As a full service provider, it covers every aspect of the modern construction industry – from building construction through to complex projects in railway and bridge construction, tunnelling and road construction.

Intelligent building creates connections. The Group generates more than 87% of its production output on the five stable home markets of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic. In terms of projects, the Group additionally works in selected countries in the CEE/SEE region, in Scandinavia, the UK and Qatar. PORR concentrates on its core competencies in infrastructure on these project markets. PORR AG is the oldest Austrian listed company and has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1869; today it is listed on the prime market.

Intelligent construction means embracing responsibility. As an international construction company, we build for generations and shape the world we live in – by and for people. A sustainable business approach is a key part of our responsibility towards society, at the same time as being the foundation of our success. Recognising value, preserving value and adding value – these are the three pillars on which CSR is based here at PORR.


S IMMO AG is a Vienna based real estate investment company. It invests exclusively in the European Union with a focus on capital cities in Austria, Germany and CEE. The majority of its portfolio consists of offices, shopping centres and hotels. The remainder comprises residential properties. Regarding the CSR engagement, the company focuses especially on high property standards which is underscored by several green building certificates. Additionally, S IMMO provides long-term support for some carefully selected student projects and social organisations.

Swietelsky – Building on ideas - Dipl. Ing. Hellmuth Swietelsky founded the company in 1936. SWIETELSKY is today among the foremost companies in the Austrian construction industry. From the road and railroad construction through the special low-rise construction to building construction projects, an average of around 9,000 employees share the philosophy of SWIETELSKY. The activities of SWIETELSKY cover all aspects of construction work.

Swietelsky draws on profound technical kow-how - In the complex field of civil engineering, SWIETELSKY ensures the best possible use of space and the environment with the latest technology. Both below ground and in mountainous areas, we use our cross-sector knowledge to produce innovative, economic and ecological solutions.

Swietelsky builds with vision - Solid foundations are a crucial element for realizing construction projects of all scales. Reliability, absolute professionalism and economic resilience are attributes that customers value in the work of SWIETELSKY and on which we have been building for years.

Swietelsky puts infrastructure on rails - As a specialist in railway construction, SWIETELSKY realizes the infrastructure of modern railway and civil engineering projects in Europe and Australia with its wealth of experience, its own rail transportation company and the latest equipment.

Swietelsky builds on cohesive knowledge - SWIETELSKY expertly plans and converts public areas and meets the demanding list of requirements in road and air traffic.

Swietelsky understands building projects - SWIETELSKY is a specialist in all types of civil engineering projects. Thanks to many years‘ experience implementing projects, we bring efficient solutions to fruition in all areas of tunnel construction and where needed ensure the restoration of plant functionality.

Swietelsky acts responsibly - SWIETELSKY implements conservation, recycling and waste management concepts across all project phases to ensure the use of ecologically-compatible methods and environmentally-friendly equipment. We strive to ensure a continuously growing awareness of the environment and quality on the part of our employees. We regard their independent thinking and acting as the key to success. Maintaining their performance, motivation and health is the goal we set ourselves in all decisions.

ABOUT Magenta

Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria) is a leading provider of telecommunications, TV and entertainment in Austria. The company has around 2,500 employees and generated revenue of 1.055 billion Euros in 2018. With the brands Magenta, Magenta Business and tele.ring, the company offers ultra-fast broadband via fiber optic cable and mobile internet, digital TV and entertainment as well as the latest mobile communications technologies.

Magenta Business supports companies on their way to digitization with tailor-made solutions, from telephone systems to the development of digital products and processes, especially in the area of IoT. As part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, Magenta Telekom benefits from the innovative power and financial stability of the Group, one of the world’s largest players in the telecoms market. In the 2018 financial year, the Group generated revenue of 75.7 billion Euros. Magenta Telekom acts as a competence center for the Internet of Things (IoT) for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group


About Pürk GmbH

We plan and support the developers, operators and providers in the realization of their projects. This covers the entire range of technology for renewable energy, modern IP telephony, computer systems, network,  guests Internet and the entire range of SmartHome Technology. We place great emphasis on the fact that our customers receive the best and most economical technology at a low cost, not only during construction but also in operation.

For over six decades, people's needs have been the yardstick against which we have measured all our actions. After all, it is for their activities, their wishes and their dreams that we want to provide spaces. It makes us particularly proud that we have been able to set important milestones in construction for the not-for-profit and subsidised housing markets, by building not only over 8500 homes but also kindergartens, schools, student residences and inclusive living projects.

Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper globally. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Our materials are renewable, reusable and recyclable, and form the building blocks for a range of innovative solutions that can help replace products based on fossil fuels and other non-renewable materials. Stora Enso has some 26 000 employees in over 30 countries.

We make every effort to use 100% of a tree for our products as well as for producing bioenergy. In production, we are pushing towards carbon neutrality as much as it is technically and commercially feasible. We practice and promote sustainable forestry, and work to ensure that more trees are planted than are harvested.

Stora Enso’s Wood Products division provides versatile wood-based solutions for building and housing. The product range covers all areas of urban construction including massive wood elements, wood components and pellets. We offer a variety of sawn timber goods. Our customers are mainly construction and joinery companies, merchandisers and retailers. Wood Products operates globally and has more than 20 production units in Europe.

We are convinced that renewable materials have an important role in meeting societal challenges around the world. Growing population and urbanisation are amongst the challenges we need to tackle in the future. For sustainable solutions we need wood, the truly renewable material.

Silver Living group, established in 2006, is nowadays the market leader in the privately financed housing for elderly people in Austria. Our barrier-free apartments with their equipment and care services are ranked as the most innovative throughout the Europe. This fact has long since spread also to the federal provinces where we are often a focal point for many communities looking for trend-setting housing facilities for the elderly population. Thanks to the experience out of 66 projects with more than 1.450 apartments and a project volume of more than 242 million Euro (incl. Consulting), Silver Living is the Austrian biggest specialised developer and provider of Assisted Living projects for elderly people. Our expertise includes planning, construction and operation of the premises as well as consulting and project assistance for property developers. Thereby we maintain the complete concept from preparation of market and social area analysis till the selection of an appropriate care provider assuring a long-term operation.

About the Vienna Business Agency

The Vienna Business Agency is the first point of contact for national and international companies. It offers financial support, real estate and urban development incentives as well as free service and advice. The objective is to strengthen Viennese companies and their innovative force. As a result, the business location is sustainably developed and strengthened in international competition.

Technology services

Whether established company or startup, The Vienna Business Agency helps entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into reality. Based on the strengths of Viennas industry it focuses on four specific areas: life sciences, urban technologies, creative industries and ICT. Businesses working on green building technologies for example, will find support for meeting new development partners and obtaining new opportunities to promote their products and know-how.

Real estate development

As a project developer the Vienna Business Agency values energy efficiency and sustainability as important factor in real estate development. ENERGYbase was the first business property built to the passive house standard and certified as “green bulding”. In “aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside”, the Technology Centre Seestadt was constructed as the first energy-plus commercial building. FUTUREbase, the newest project of the Vienna Business Agency, will include high-end building and energy technology while balancing economic efficiency.

Municipal Department 22 – Environmental Protection is responsible for all important aspects of environmental protection in Vienna. The main tasks include strategic air quality management, the operation of the air quality monitoring network in Vienna, nature and landscape protection, sustainable development, noise protection, waste and resource management, making environmental aspects part of urban and transport planning, and a wide range of activities in the areas of public administration, drafting laws, and providing expertise.