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EuroEnviro 2020
Combating the Climate Crisis – A Systemic Approach

Laura Haberfellner, AEMS-Alumni of 2019, is a member of the organisational team for the EuroEnviro in 2020!
Read on to find out more about this exciting event:

While I was participating in the AEMS in summer 2019, we already started planning for EuroEnviro 2020. Like every year, the congress is going to take place in a different city like in the years before, this time it is going to be in Graz again, for the third time in total. We are also celebrating the anniversary of the independent student conference on environmental issues, which has been existing for the past 25 years!

EuroEnviro is a platform for students to exchange ideas from all disciplines and build a European network. Students from all cultural and social backgrounds will meet to share their ideas and develop a vision for a green future, within the scope of lectures, workshops and excursions.

This year’s topic – the climate crisis – has never been in the center of attention more than it is right now. At the conference, academic knowledge from leading scientists on climate physics, social and economic effects, factors of climate psychology and much more will be shared. The topic will be worked on from different perspectives and action levels connected with an all-embracing systemic view.

Why you should be part of EuroEnviro 2020:

  • Get a deep and interdisciplinary insight in the topic of climate change
  • Discuss with scientists, experts and activists
  • Get to know projects, methods and skills to combat the climate crisis
  • Exchange with students from all over Europe
  • Share and develop your vision
  • Enjoy the amiable city of Graz
  • Be part of the green change

The Application is possible from the 15th of December until the 15th January!

More information can be found on the website euronviro.org – they are also present on social media (Facebook and Instagram).
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions regarding the congress you can contact the organisational team via mail to info@euroenviro.org.