CEU’s Summer University (SUN) program is the extension of the university’s mission of promoting research, teaching and social engagement by hosting high-level, research-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative academic courses as well as workshops on policy issues for professional development in the social sciences and the humanities. SUN reaches out to a global audience of graduate students, junior or post-doctoral researchers and faculty, as well as professionals. In addition to academics from a wide range of disciplines such as cognitive scientists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, musicologists, and legal scholars, SUN offers training for practitioners and experts including government officials, NGO workers, human rights activists, educators, journalists, business startup teams, among others.

Courses are taught by a team of distinguished international faculty (including CEU professors),  presenting a wider than usual range of perspectives and disciplines. The teaching may take the form of several faculty members running a session in tandem, or sitting in on each other's classes actively participating in the discussion. In addition, they offer individual consultations and often go out with participants in the evening continuing the academic discourses in an informal setting.