The OeAD student housing (winner of the Austrian Climate Protection Award 2013) is among the largest providers of student dorms in Austria and accommodates about 12.000 tenants per year. The non-profit company caters exclusively to international exchange students, offering affordable rooms, tailored to short-term study visits abroad. The website can be found at





CEO Günther Jedliczka defined a sustainable business strategy for the OeAD student housing (currently the biggest provider of energy-efficient dorms in Austria). In order to spread knowledge about sustainability issues and to promote international exchange in education, he also initiated two academic programs focusing on ecology, sustainability and resource conservation. Given various problematic trends (an ever-growing and in many regions also heavily aging global population; rising resource and energy consumption; a hesitant move towards efficient resource cycles and renewable energy; the destabilizing effects of social inequality on democracy), both programs are designed to train and influence highly qualified future decision-makers.


These events are organized in close association with several Universities, giving them a solid academic standing. The OeAD student housing also provides all participants with energy-efficient accommodations, giving them first-hand experience with sustainable technologies.


Since 2011, more than 600 international students have completed the two academic programs, studying, discussing, forming friendships, and laying the foundations for a global, informal information network that facilitates the exchange of knowledge between cultures.





AEMS won the award "Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung - Best of Austria" (Education for sustainable development - Best of Austria) in the category "political support" in 2016.


GBS was chosen by UNESCO Commission as UN Decade Project for Sustainable Education in 2013 and received the GBB Award 2014 in the category Products / Services.


The OeAD student housing won the Environmental Award of the City of Vienna 2015 for its overall business initiative including GBS and AEMS.


The OeAD student housing and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna were runners-up for the Austrian TRIGOS Award 2015 (category: best partnership - for GBS and AEMS).