Green Building Solutions

Our Lecturers 2021

Karin Stieldorf

Academic director of the “Sustainable Construction” master course at TU Vienna. Holds master and doctoral degrees from TU Vienna in architecture and building science and is an associate professor at TU Vienna.

Georg W. Reinberg

CEO and owner of Architekturbüro Reinberg ZT GmbH in Vienna, Austria and visiting professor at the Danube University Krems “Centre for Construction and Environment”. His office is active in research, design, planning and side management.

Günter Lang

Owner of “LANG Consulting – Konsulent für innovative Baukonzepte”. He has specialized in new and retrofit passive houses since 2001. He has directed, partnered, researched and written on many Passive House projects and topics.

Laszlo Lepp

Studied Architecture at the University of Innsbruck and completed the civil engineering exam. He is on the scientific advisory board of "Passivhaus Austria". His tasks include the consulting and certification of national and international new built projects and refurbishment of existing buildings.

Martin Treberspurg

Professor for Sustainable Constructions at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and director of the architecture company "Treberspurg & Partner Architekten ZT GesmbH“. He is active as vice-head of the “Building Physics” Department at the Austrian Chamber of Architects and Engineers.

Umberto Berardi

Director of the BeTOP center at Ryerson University in Toronto and has been nominated Canada Research Chair in Building Science. His main research interests are related to the study of innovative solutions and new materials for improving performance in the built environment.

Yvonne Franz

As a university assistant at University of Vienna she has been coordinating the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Urban Studies 4CITIES and is doing research on social innovation, the housing market and urban arrival spaces. She is also the academic co-director of the postgraduate course “Cooperative Urban and Regional Development”

Elisabeth Aufhauser

Assistant professor in the department for geography and regional science at the University of Vienna. Her teaching includes different courses in economic geography, spatial planning and feminist geography. Recent research has centered on gender mainstreaming processes in regional development and spatial planning.

David Calas

Architect, educator, writer and curator, with a focus on fluid transitions to urbanism in architecture, art and politics - striving for co-creational strategies which are complemented by digital considerations. Co-Founder of the design office "Studio Calas".

Gregor Radinger

Lecturer at TU Vienna - Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design. He finished his postgraduate study of Refurbishment and Revitalisation at the Danube University in Krems. Member of the Department for Building and Environment and course director for Daylight Architecture at Danube University.

David Michulec

Founder of NEUBAU best energy. Lectures at colleges and universities around the world to underline his goal of expanding knowledge of energy-efficient buildings worldwide. In addition to his technical activities, he is a keynote speaker, panelist, board member and authorized passive house certifier.

Marcello Turrini

External partner of Architekturbüro Reinberg. He was previously a researcher at the “G. D’Annunzio” University in the Urban Plan department and assistant professor for Urban Planning. He is a member of the COST action RESTORE about regenerative architecture and certified as a Passive House Designer.

Stefan Sattler

Lecturer and supporter of GBS. Since 2019 he has been an energy planner in the MA 20, Vienna. He was a university assistant and a researcher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in workgroup resources looking at construction. Main fields: solar architecture, integration of solar technology in buildings.

Karl Berger

Studied Electric Energy Technology at the Vienna University of Technology. Since 2004, he has been a part of the Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Energy. Engaged in projects on reliability of high and low voltage electrical components, dealing mainly with reliability and performance of photovoltaic modules and systems.

Agron Deralla

Works as a BIM manager at AllesWirdGut architects in Vienna. In 2014 he started as an architect at AllesWirdGut; in 2016 he officially transitioned into the role of a BIM manager. In the meantime, he took part in numerous conferences with one aim: transfer of knowledge about openBIM and its implementation.

Michael Lauermann

Joined the “Sustainable Building Technologies” business unit at the Austrian Institute of Technology in 2014. He is involved in national and European research projects for increasing energy efficiency in the industry sector. He is teaching at TU Vienna in the field of solar thermal engineering and heat pump systems.

Ghazal Etminan

Urban development and economic planner. She works for the AIT´s Center for Energy in the Business Digital Resilient Cities department. Involved in various European and international smart city projects, e.g. READY, SCALE, Ruggedised, pocityf, ClimateKIC, Smart Cities Information System and Urban development in Uzbekistan and Chartak.

Phillip Horn

German Environmental Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of dynamic-thermal simulations of buildings and complex thermal systems. He works internationally as a consulting engineer for Since 2015, he is responsible for the simulation activities during GBS and really enjoys it every year!

Bianca Pfefferer

Joined the ÖGUT team in March 2019 in the thematic fields of "Energy" and "Innovative Buildings". Her main areas of focus include management of research programmes as well as working on various research projects with topics such as sustainable energy technologies or circular economy in the construction industry.

Emanuele Naboni

Consultant for energy efficient cities and buildings. Affiliated Professor for 10 years at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, School of Architecture. Specialised in Energy, Regenerative Environmental Design, and Design for Climate Change, focus on linking Ecosystems and Humans via Digital Design.

Roland Bechmann

Managing director and partner of international engineering consultancy firm Werner Sobek. Born in Berlin and subsequently studied Structural Engineering in Hanover. Heads the department of competitions and specialises in project management, light structures and steel constructions. Has extensive experience in various important high-rise projects.

M. Bauer-Leeb


E. Quinn


Peter Moonen

Studied Marine Biology, Zoology and Forestry at the University of British Columbia. He has more than 30 years' experience dealing with regulatory, environmental and operational issues. National Sustainability Manager for the Canadian Wood Council and in this role is developing a training and accreditation program for heavy, mass and prefabricated wood component installation. Regularly presents on achieving sustainability, durability and the appropriate use of wood across the world. Member and session facilitator with the UN Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry.

Peter Holzer

Researcher, consultant and teacher. His work is dedicated to sustainably built environments including low carbon heating, ventilation and cooling, climate responsive design, adaptive indoor comfort and indoor health. Following a 16 year academic career, he is Managing Director of IPJ Ingenieurbüro P. Jung and shareholder of IBR&I Institute of Building Research and Innovation, Vienna.

Martin Brown

Sustainability Provocateur & Consultant with Fairsnape, supporting, counselling and provoking clients, designers, contractors, academic and industry groups on regenerative journeys and discoveries.  Passionate advocate for regenerative climate + ecological innovations and solutions, and author of FutuREstorative, Working Towards a New Sustainability. 

Christoph Thun-Hohenstein

General Director of MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, and Head of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE

Susanne Formanek

Graduated from the University of Natural Resources and Applies Life Sciences Vienna. Held the position of qualified project manager at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, responsible for international project development. She worked and lead the green building Cluster in Lower Austria. Since 2017 she concentrates on sustainable building with a focus on energy efficiency, fostering sustainable development, green walls and green roofs. Co-founder and CEO of GRÜNSTATTGRAU in Vienna. President of the Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building.

Anna Vera Deinhammer

Coordinator for Circular Economy in the Construction Sector & Program Lead DTCC30. PhD in Civil Engineering (TU Vienna/UNSW Sydney). Research and practical activities focused on creating a healthy and liveable built environment. Since 2016 she has been a member of the MAgistrate's Directorate of Building and Technology for the City of Vienna. Her work focuses on Circular City, Integral Building research and Engineering Science and represents the City of Vienna in many working groups on these topics. Seconded to the Expert Advisory Board of the Austrian Institute of Construction Technology.

Kay Killmann

Managing director of GBCI Europe, focusing on promoting LEED & Arc and its successful integration into Europe's real estate sector and collaborating with other European GBCs. Worked as an architect and consultant in the US, UK and Germany for over 15 years. Co-founder of the German Green Building Association. Holds an engineering degree in architecture from the University of Applied Science at Aachen in Germany.

Jens Leibold

Researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Renewable Energy at UAS Technikum Vienna and lecturer for the Urban Renewable Energy program. He participates in various research projects with a main focus on integration of renewable energy in buildings and districts, such as 'Smart City Micro-quarters' and 'Quarters of the future'

Nicole Mothes

Trade Commissioner for Austria at the Canadian Embassy since 2000, where she assists Canadian companies in exporting to Austria, recruits Austrian companies to invest in Canada, supports science, technology and innovation partnerships and promotes CETA, the free trade agreement between Canada and the EU. Before joining the Embassy in Vienna, she held various positions abroad working in the US, France and China.

Frank Bürkle

Carpenter, mountain guide and forestry technician. After high school and carpentry education he travelled and worked for several years in places such as Jatun Sacha and AmaZOOnico, building tree houses in jungles using lianas and banyan trees. He spent more than a year on a wooden sailing boat as the ship's carpenter. Worked for Sky Frame in Switzerland as a technical development engineer, studied for a Swiss federal diploma, then finally settled down in a remote area of Austria. Since 2019 he has worked for SIHGA Fastening Technology GmbH in Gmunden/Austria as a trainer, lecturer and application technician.

Simon Schneider

A physicist and energy & environment engineer, teaching and researching at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna on methods and definitions of positive energy districts and how they connect to sustainable and decarbonized energy systems. Since 2019 he has led the competence team on "liveable positive energy districts" aiming to transfer research insights into positive energy districts quickly and directly to teaching.

Mark Gorgolewski

Interested in creating sustainable architecture based on circular systems, an area of research which explores how previously used resources such as locally available salvaged material can inspire a new form of architecture, and how we can create more effective energy systems in buildings. “Our resources are pushed to the limits and waste is widespread,” Gorgolewski says, citing growing shortages in some metals, as well as pressure on landfill space for disposal. “If we’re going to sustain our lifestyles, this kind of building is going to have to be our new normal.”

Franziska Trebut


Melanie Ross


D. Bourret


Marko Markov


Michael Palfi

Studied Agriculture and Business Administration. Spent 13 years in a startup company building solar facades for thermal insulation with a solar comb, made of paper, situated behind glass. Spent 10 years spent in the timber construction cluster Upper Austria. Initiation of cooperation projects to develop timber construction innovations. 3 years spent in a startup for processed clay plaster. Has been working for 3 years as a consultant for timber construction systems at SIHGA. Member of the IG-Passivhouse (2002-2012) and lives in a passive house built of wood, planned and made himself.

Claudia Schrenk

Expert in process modelling & management. Manages and develops the Transdisciplinary Transformation Process at DTCC30. HTL degree in Plastics Engineering inc. "Project Management Professional" training. Many years spent in a leading position in the operational management of the City of Vienna's waste treatment plant. Studied Environmental and Bioresource Management at University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. Since 2012 she has coordinated urban mining research and development projects at the Municipal Directorate for Buildings and Technology.

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