Offering an additional format to bring together changemakers!

In 2020 especially, we all realized first hand how deeply society, economy and environment are connected.
With the economy shutting down, society and the environment were instantly affected.

The pandemic demonstrated that a sustainable transformation - be it in economy or climate change - is rooted in education and awareness-raising. For this reason, we have decided to bring about a new format to bring together changemakers and thrive not only on the expertise presented, but also on discussions with the audience!

Roughly every month, there will be one moderated expert session on the latest topics of ecological building and alternative economicsfree to attend!
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Ecological Building


GBS Talk #3
Low Tech vs High Tech

Dedicated to the topic of approaches for a lower carbon footprint of buildings, the event took place in cooperation with Vienna Business Agency and welcomed speakers Thomas Gamperl (Viessmann) and Edeltraud Haselsteiner (Urbanity), moderated by Doris Österreicher! You can watch the recording here.


Expert Talk #2
Circular Economy for buildings - From waste to wonder

Our talk on Circular Economy in the Building sector welcomed 170 registered participants from 35 countries, who took a good look at exciting projects that redefine what’s possible to accomplish when materials as reused instead of being simply discarded - and that goes for household residual materials too! You can watch the recording here.


Expert Talk #1
Positive Energy Districts - A vision and practice paving the way for carbon free cities, communities and societies

For a carbon free society to thrive, urban areas need to drastically change how they function and use resources. Future cities and communities need to give back more than they take. This talk with Günter Lang and Simon Schneider explored the crucial role of Positive Energy Districts in shaping the sustainable and resilient built environment that future generations deserve and welcomed 220 registered participants from 44 nations! You can watch the recording here.

Alternative Economics


AEMS Talk #3
Let's talk future! - Visions of a world after the social-ecological transformation

What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? NOW!
The talk welcomed Lino Zeddies, author of the book "Utopia 2048", and Veronika Winter, chairlady of Fridays For Future Austria to talk about visions for a better future. You can watch the recording here.


Expert Talk #2
Economic Growth vs. Climate Change - How can we prosper within the boundaries of our planet?

The Austrian Climate Researcher, Helga Kromp-Kolb, and the Canadian Ecological Economist, Peter Victor, talked about sustainable prosperity and why it is important to act now to mitigate the severe impacts of climate change to a total of 282 registered participants from 36 different countries! You can watch the recording here.


Expert Talk #1
Rethinking Monetary Policy - Ways out of the Financial and Climate Crisis

The talk with Christian Felber and Thomas Kubo (in German!) dealt with the instability of our global financial system and the importance of money and monetary policy with the key question of what kind of economy is necessary in order to prevent our planet from being stretched beyond its natural limits? You can watch the recording here.