Deadlines EXTENDED – Social Media TUTOR scholarships

Jun 1, 2021 by

Climate change is a truly international problem, demanding solutions across borders and with that in mind, we have good news to share!

This year’s second digital edition of our international Summer Universities “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS)” and “Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS)” will again bring together students and professionals from all over the world!

So far, the AEMS will be joined by participants of at least 14 nationalities, such as Colombia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Mexico and Nigeria - and there are more to come.

The GBS will be attended by students and professionals from 20 different countries as for now - such as Latvia, Tunisia, Portugal, Algeria, Thailand, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And the best thing is, that it is not too late, to be with us for this unique virtual summer experience with Austrian and international experts as well as like-minded people:

The application deadlines for both, the “standard” scholarship programs, as well as the empowerment scholarship programs have been extended to 1st July, 2021! Would you like to join us too?

Find more information on your summer experience below:

 - Summer School Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems,19th July – 6th August, 2021
 - Summer University Green.Building.Solutions., 17th July – 8th August, 2021

Additionally, we have another offer: there are two free scholarship available for a Social Media Tutor for each program to support us via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Hard Facts and how to apply:

 - AEMS – Social Media Tutor
 - GBS – Social Media Tutor