Climate change – Is there a new dynamic?

Jul 23, 2021 by

The interdisciplinary online summer universities Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems and Green.Building.Solutions. share the aim of finding new pathways for a more sustainable future as well as a healthier planet – and we are very pleased to announce they have kicked off in Vienna on Monday, 19th July with 101 students from 47 nations!

The event welcomed the three speakers Helga Kromp-Kolb (climate expert), Anika Dafert (activist at Fridays for Future Austria) and Gabu Heindl (architect and urban planner). The recording is available to watch here, in case you’ve missed it.

AEMS Team with some students 2021 and the keynote speakers; (c) Nina Hainfellner

GBS team with some students 2021; (c) Nina Hainfellner

Missed the event? - Watch the recording here!


Anika Dafert (activist at Fridays for Future Austria) took over the stage to talk with passion of the climate crisis and how people are putting things to the back of their minds – also pointing out the recent extrem events happening all over the planet.

In the title-giving input speech of the event Helga Kromp-Kolb (climate expert) continued from there by pointing out the development in global temperature over the centuries, and welcomed pledges made by nations around the world, and shareholder pressure for a more sustainable future as signals of hope.

Completing the trio of speakers was Gabu Heindl (architect and urban planner), who discussed the climate in relation to her profession, seeing that as an architect, the focus lies on new constructions, as opposed to planning non-construction. She discussed rights and demands on resources, land and water, and how different people and countries have different perspectives on the issue.


The event then moved to a panel discussion, discussing a wide variety of topics, and then a networking event to give the participants of both summer universities a chance to familiarise themselves with their co-students before the start of studies.

The opening event was held at TU Vienna with an audience of almost 100 people attending in person, as well as another 80 interested people joining in via the live-stream from all over the world. Over the course of the next three weeks, the summer universities are taking place online.


Read the full press release here!