Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems is a non-profit project. Our goal is to make a substantial contribution to the current discussions of economic and social reform by providing cross-curricular scientific content as well as the latest information about field-tested initiatives.

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To keep the costs for participants as low as possible and to enable people who need financial assistance to participate, we continue to look for financial support. If you would like to have more information about AEMS or are interested in supporting the program, please contact us directly at

Our deepest gratitude goes to our supporters:

MIGRA Gemeinnützige Wohnungsges.m.b.H.

MIGRA was founded in 1951 and has been based in Vienna since 1984. The migra_Logo_Claim_RGBfocus of MIGRA lies on the construction of subsidized flats and subsidized furnished dormitory apartments in Vienna. With the creation of affordable housing, MIGRA is making an important contribution to keep rents in the growing federal capital of Vienna affordable in the future.

Walter Pürk GmbH

We plan and support the developers, operators and providers in the realization of their projects. This covers the entire range of technology for renewable energy, modern IP telephony, computer systems, network,  guests Internet and the entire range of SmartHome Technology. We place great emphasis on the fact that our customers receive the best and most economical technology at a low cost, not only during construction but also in operation.


For over six decades, people’s needs have been the yardstick against which we have measured all our actions. After all, it is for their activities, their wishes and their dreams that we want to provide spaces. It makes us particularly proud that we have been able to set important milestones in construction for the not-for-profit and subsidised housing markets, by building not only over 8500 homes but also kindergartens, schools, student residences and inclusive living projects.

Network partner:

Gode Penge

Gode Penge is a Danish NGO working towards democratizing the monetary system. Most of the work they do is towards raising public awareness of the functioning of the monetary systems – and the economic consequences of it. They do this through public talks, summer schools, courses, articles, radio, art, activism and more. Secondarily, they propose a monetary reform. Gode Penge is part of International Movement for Monetary Reform.

Media partner:

Lebensart VerlagsGmbH

Lebensart VerlagsGmbH is a private publisher of sustainable information. Launched in 2005, ‘Lebensart’ is now the largest sustainability magazine in Austria with a circulation of 60,000 copies, seven times a year. In 2012 the company launched a second magazine – BUSINESSART – dealing with CSR and sustainable economy.

Förderverein Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung e. V.

HUMANE WIRTSCHAFT (Human Economics) is “…more thanHUMANE WIRTSCHAFT just a magazine”. First printed almost 50 years ago (in 1969) it publishes, in a bi-monthly issue, a wide variety of topics from renown, independent authors in the field of alternative monetary systems. We offer insights for the public to help recognizing the error, obviously built-in in our current financial system, leading to its destructive exponential growth. Following the ideas of economists like Silvio Gesell and others we explore ways to remodel this system. A more humane system is one fundamental necessity for a future without recurring economical collapse, and all its terrible consequences for humanity and our environment.