The Summer School AEMS has already been implemented back in 2014, so there are more than 200 Alumni up to now. These highly motivated and very engaged people burn with a creative passion to drive forward global changes that will help make life better for all of us! It is precisely this spirit, that we would like to see spreading in the world - the spirit of AEMS!

Many of our Alumni have, therfore, already initiated some great projects in the field of alternative economics or are currently planning to do. Therefore, we want to dedicate this page to our Alumni and their innovative projects.
Here you will find descriptions of what they're currently working on, where they are situated globally, what's the idea behind their innitiatives and much more.

The tallest mountains starts with the smallest stone, as they say and change, too, starts with small movements.
Through building of networks and (inter-)national connections they can become global movements, however. Therefore, all of our Alumni-Projects also contain information on how to get in contact with them.

Similar Events

What we like to call "the spirit of AEMS" is not exclusively limited to this Viennese Summer School - far from it! And we're glad about it!

All around the world, people come together in order to forge and exchange ideas for ensuring a good life for all. Therefore, this page is dedicated also to introduce events of differents types and formats with the goal of raising awareness to some of the most pressing problems of our time: the contrast between economy, ecology and society.