Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems

AEMS will be back in 2022!



Our economic system leads to exploitation of natural resources and plays a significant role in climate change. The financial system, with its unregulated banking and speculatory practices, and the dynamics of compound interest contribute to ecological degradation and a systematic redistribution of wealth to the richest part of the population.

The time for change is now!

Should we go back to business-as-usual, or pave the road to an ecologically and socially desirable future for us all? Alternative ways of thinking and pioneering visions are more relevant than ever!

Change the game - change the future

Exploring different approaches and new ideas is especially important during these globally challenging times – even more so with regards to the current growth-based economy and unstable financial system. We are all a part of the overarching system created - and therefore we have the ability to alter it!

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AEMS will be back in 2022

Have we made you curious? The AEMS summer school is open to students and professionals from all fields who strive to create a more just and green future. Are you looking for a unique education program with a holistic approach to the topic? Then look no further!

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