Connecting Leaders of Tomorrow with Organizations caring for Sustainability

philINEX Connects aims to encourage positive change within organizations. Utilizing the INEX network of universities and top achieving students, INEX Connects was initiated to discover new opportunities and provide an internship platform to businesses / organizations that are active in the area of sustainable development or are committed to Corporate Responsibility. With this innovative service INEX is connecting leaders of tomorrow with leading organizations of today.

What distinguishes INEX Connects from conventional internship platforms is the way it supports organizations in its path towards sustainability. Internship candidates are provided with a wealth of resources and training, so that a significant skill level can be achieved. This allows the interns to make a direct impact from day one and provides a knowledge inflow to your organization. To ensure that your aims and those of the candidates are met, as well as adhering to the standards of INEX Connects, exact requirements will be defined prior to each program. Furthermore, the candidates will have an assigned INEX mentor and access to the INEX community that will support them throughout their internships and further leverage the impact of the initiative.

The quality of the candidates is paramount to the concept of INEX Connects. To ensure this, students and young professionals from leading universities will be selectively interviewed for each placement and the top three or four will be presented to the organization. Once the candidate begins the placement, she or he will be required to provide regular reports about the experience, as well as a review at the end, which can be used by the organization for further development and will be displayed on the INEX Connects website.cst

Importance of Sustainability for Organizations

Organizations have begun to realize that they play an important role in society and that they need to take responsibility for themselves within their community. Programs that are geared towards sustainable development often improve company performance, they boost morale and most importantly contribute to making the world a better place!

Taking part

natureairWe are looking for organizations that are serious about making a change. Placements can be directly in a CSR team or within any other department as long as there is pertinent connection to sustainability. We expect the placements to offer a fulfilling experience for the candidates, which allow them to make active contributions to the organization. In return, INEX Connects offers highly passionate candidates that will add real value to your CSR goals and spread the word about your company’s engagement.

The placements should last a minimum of 1 month and usually not longer than 9 months. Your organization is not expected to pay for the travel or visa application. A wage that covers living expenses would be appropriate. The cost to participate varies on the requirements of the organization. Various memberships will be available.

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