Testimonials 2015

‘Passivhaus must become a symbol and philosophy for development that is focused on GBS Summer University 2015-1753_kl
reorienting the occupant and the building itself to be better integrated into natural systems,
providing a richer sense of place and occupant identity’, says Jake Papineau, participant of the 5th Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University in Vienna. Read here, what else he has to tell about his future profession and the summer school Green.Building.Solutions.

Zahra Raeisi from Iran talks about her experiences during the
Green.Building.Solutions. Summer University 2015 in Vienna:

zahra_bearbParticipating GBS Vienna has been a great opportunity to boost my knowledge in terms of sustainable design and development. I was impressed by the holistic approach related to several aspects of sustainability in our lives. And also the supportive learning facilities, dedicated lecturers with superior professional and academic backgrounds and a strong emphasis on developing team working skills.

It’s adorable that we could work with people with technical insights at various levels and different terms of sustainability when making group work. Two weeks of team working for the final project was a wonderful experience that we were able to gain more inspirations and knowledge from each other.

My experience with G.B.S has been fantastic specially the excursions to the places that we could touch and observe the effects of sustainable and passive strategies on buildings and life styles. These supplementary programs have given me insight into the real situation of sustainable dreams and approaches after becoming true in Vienna. A great point in plus was that in addition to lessons and excursions, we had a wonderful experience of living in a great passive house in convenient location. In other words, a great 24 hours experience of living in a passive house was a noticeable opportunity to feel the effects of green solutions on thermal comfort in our dormitory. Moreover, minding cultural differences, religious preferences and values, I admire the international environment which provided us with intercultural atmosphere that opens our minds to a broadened world. All in all, I recommend this program to people who would like to develop their interpersonal skills, as well as feel challenged intellectually by the unique experience of smart city of Vienna and new approaches in green building design.

Final presentation and farewell: Morteza Nikravan describes the very last day of
Green.Building.Solutions. 2015 and his purpose to definitely come back to Vienna.

IMG_9020_group2_bearb_1The last day of GBS summer university, the 15th August, each group prepared its project in the morning for presenting individually at the official closing event in Palais Harrach. At 13:00-18:00 the presentations took place, observed and critisized by a jury, consisting of experts and professors from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), University of Technology (TU) and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Each groups had 20 minutes to talk about their concepts and calculations concerning the building envelope on different aspects such as social, landscape, water, energy, cooling & heating system as well as transportation. Each group put efforts in being the best!

After five presentations jury and people out of the audience asked questions and added comments for improvement of the projects. This was followed by he last group (6th group) which told about the hands-on experience together with the company Sto. In this practical workshop experienced trainers show the technical execution of thermal bridge free details on wall models to students. Certification ceremony started at 5:30 PM, and each of participants received certification with an official memorial group picture! After that, farewell dinner was started and participants enjoyed the last hours got together and put their own memorial manuscript for each other in envelopes. The GBS 2015 was finished officially at 10 PM and we came back to dormitory to be ready for coming back!

Megan Lloyd from Canada gives insight into her experience during the lecture integrated
spatial and energy planning and its connection to h
GBS Summer University 2015-1655_meganer home country: 

The most interesting part of this day at Green Building Solutions 2015 for me was attending the lecture given by Gernot  Stoglehner about integrated spatial and energy planning. I come from rural Canada so this topic really hit home for me, where we have few large cities and more lower density towns which are sparsely spread across the country. I feel that through my education so far in sustainable architecture, we are taught that high density cities are the only option for sustainable development. It was great to hear Mr. Stoglehner speak about where rural areas fit into this, and how they can too be sustainable communities. His lecture gave me a way to think about the connections which communities of different size and density can have, and how these different places can exist as one cohesive unit. I really appreciated his insight and holistic approach as I go forward with my work in rural, isolated areas in Canada.

Testimonials 2014

Patrizia D’Ercole, an architect from Italy, talks about her experiences and learnings during the Green.Building.Solutions.Summer University 2014 in Vienna:

Attending GBS Vienna, last summer, has been a great opportunity to learn about sustainable development
experiencing it. An illuminating three weeks full immersion in sustainable development, illustrated with a holistic approach and in a detailed way.

In terms of knowledge the course concerned every scale of the topic starting from socioeconomic and regional aspects of sustainable constructing, going on with Principles of Passivhausplanning, till the use of renewable energy in order to give the students a complete education and a global vision of how much sustainability is related to every aspect of human living.

The point in plus was that in addition to traditional lessons, the program provided for several activities related to sustainability such as: living in a Passivehouse, working to design it, discovering Vienna through its new sustainable districts and buildings or visiting Spittelau that celebrates the genius of Friedrich Hundertwasser and shows some innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy. This allowed students to observe directly the positive effects of sustainable solutions.

All of this was enriched by an international friendly environment, the right situation to share ideas with young and experienced professionals and to have a wide look about the variations of sustainable development worldwide.

Find more exclusive diaries and selected experiences of our participants 2014 down below:

Week 1

Day 1IMG_1536

After getting to know each other and an architectural tour to Vienna’s most important and interesting buildings and sights on Sunday, most of the students are looking forward to getting into the topic and start with the lectures. The first day of the summer program usually starts with an introduction to Green Buildings.

Read more about the first training day and the official Kick-Off Meeting of GBS 2014 … (Diary written by Marina Bahnmann)

Day 2

IMG_1685After a lecture about Passive House Refurbishment, given by Arch. Treberspurg, the group made a site visit to one of the biggest urban development areas of Europe, Aspern’s Urban Lakeside, where they visited GreenHouse and the Aspern IQ.

Gain insight in this outraging experience here… (Diary written by Anyla Berisha)

Day 5

The last day of the first week – already highly anticipated by the students –IMG_1891
started with lectures at the BOKU. In the afternoon, the group made a site visit to the project site in 1140 Vienna. This is an essential part of the practical architectural planning project which is done in group works during the last week of the GBS. Results are presented at the official Touch-Down at Palais Harrach, 1010.

Follow the link to read the diary. (Diary written by Ragy Elgendy)

Week 3

Day 1

STO_1_kleinFour painters and five architecture students, most of them were scholarship-holder of STO – had the chance to exchange knowledge with experts and workers of STO directly at their company. The challenge was to create an insulation of exterior walls in passive house standard. Together they insulated a model wall with the help of two application specialists. A special focus was put on the demonstration of different details, like the foundation, the window and the attic. As the project was supported by the Sto-Stiftung (foundation), its aim was to bring craftspeople and architects together and to give the architects a feeling for mechanical skills and the materials. The object also was brought to the class and served as demonstration item for the other participants.

Get more information about the practical experience here… (Diary written by Nadine Teutrine)