Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems is a non-profit project. Our goal is to make a substantial contribution to the current discussions of economic and social reform by providing cross-curricular scientific content as well as the latest information about field-tested initiatives.

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To keep the costs for participants as low as possible and to enable people who need financial assistance to participate, we continue to look for financial support. If you would like to have more information about AEMS or are interested in supporting the program, please contact us directly at

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passive house standard for new construction and renovation, living, working,kindergarten, schools, living and working for sheltered people, stay for elderly people, cultural buildings, historic preservation, mediation.


CULUMNATURA® offers profound training for eco-hairstylists as well as organic skin and hair care products, distributed exclusively through professionals.

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Lebensart VerlagsGmbH

Lebensart VerlagsGmbH is a private publisher of sustainable information. Launched in 2005, ‘Lebensart’ is now the largest sustainability magazine in Austria with a circulation of 60,000 copies, seven times a year. In 2012 the company launched a second magazine – BUSINESSART – dealing with CSR and sustainable economy.

We aim to host the event according to the criteria of the GreenMeetingAustrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings. Please choose bus or train for your trip to Vienna. Within Vienna a good public transport system is available. Bicylce parking is available at the teaching location. If you have to travel by plane or car, please use the BOKU CO2 compensation system: